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Let’s #LookForwardTogether to co-create the future of HR&OD!

Phase 2 of our once in a generation national conversation is now closed.





Welcome to Our NHS People Profession

The impact and influence of everything that’s happened in 2020 has made two things clear:

  1. The world of work and healthcare will never be the same.
  2. We have a unique moment to co-create a new future of our NHS HR & OD functions.

This is why we're asking our people professions, and those they serve, to #LookForwardTogether at how we can continuously improve patient care and patient experience through our HR & OD services. We’re doing this as part of a safe, independent, inclusive and national conversation for change. A conversation that we hope creates some inspiration in otherwise unprecedented times.

Inspired by the ambitions set out in our People Plan, this once in a generation crowdsourced conversation will help us to shape a new, shared vision for our people profession, along with a picture of the commitments we'll all need to honour to make this happen.

Everything each of us share in this conversation for change is anonymised and confidential:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • You will be able to submit your own ideas.
  • Everyone can read, rate and build upon the ideas of others – your name is not attached to anything.
  • Everyone is welcome to make their voice heard.
  • When the conversation is live, you can visit as many times as you like, 24 /7.
  • This is not about creating personal profiles - it's about getting to a new, shared truth together.

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Think big, get provoked!

The NHS needs you to think big and bold! These provocations will help ignite your curiosity and spark ideas.

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