People strategy - A summary of recent trends

Short of time? Below are key trends in the field and where you will find more on those topics in the Thought Leadership as identified by our industry, research and consulting partners.

  • CIPD – Responsible business through crisis: This report provides a unique insight into how senior leaders led responsibly during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. These organisations had built responsible business into their core purpose prior to the pandemic which has helped them through the crisis.
  • Harvard Business Review - Building organisational resilience (Fernando Suarez and Juan Montes) - Organisations scramble to make adjustments on the fly—with varying degrees of success. This paper lays out three approaches to help managers respond more effectively to highly changeable environments.
  • Harvard Business Review - What does your Corporate Brand stand for? (Stephen Greyser and Mats Urde) - A clear corporate brand identity provides direction and purpose, enhances the standing of products, aids in recruiting and retention, and helps protect a firm’s reputation in times of trouble. But many companies struggle to define their brands. This paper questions: What does the parent company’s name really stand for, and how is it perceived and leveraged in the marketplace and within the company itself?
  • Harvard Business Review - Don't let metrics undermine your business (Michael Harris and Bill Tayler) - By tying performance metrics to strategy, a company can easily lose sight of this strategy and instead focus solely on the metrics.
  • Harvard Business Review – The rules of Co-opetition(Adam Brandenburger and Barry Nalebuff) - The idea that competitors should sometimes cooperate with one another has continued to gain traction since it was initially explored in the 1990s. This review looks at the benefits and drawbacks of ‘Co-opetition’.
  • Harvard Business Review – In the ecosystem economy, what’s your strategy? (Michael Jacobides) - In an increasing number of contexts, the firm is no longer an independent strategic actor. Its success depends on collaboration with other firms in an ecosystem spanning multiple sectors. This paper focuses on the importance of an ecosystem and organisations can utilise them.
  • Mckinsey – Jump-starting resilient and reimagined operations - This report highlights and explains 5 key themes that shape a post Covid-19 recovery effort in operations.