Future of health - A summary of recent trends

Short of time? Below are key trends in the field and where you will find more on those topics in the Thought Leadership as identified by our industry, research and consulting partners.

Key trends

  1. An ageing population across Europe with more complex needs: This places huge pressures on healthcare budgets.
  2. Increased pressure on budgets: Driving most markets to dictate the use of generic drugs with 50% of markets having >30% spend on generics.
  3. A focus on preventive care: Shifting from hospitals to more affordable settings such as primary care and self-care.
  4. An adoption of Digital Health Technologies: A move to partner with private sector digital service companies to transform pathways and support greater integration.
  5. A revision of patient care pathways: A move towards strategic actions across care pathways.
  6. Improved governance and monitoring: Greater controls are being introduced, e.g. to the procurement process, centralising and group purchasing where possible.

(Find out more: EY – Future of Health: The latest EY research and media on Future of Health trends, how new work models will dictate the future of healthcare and how the NHS Long Term Plan links to this future; EY – Harnessing the power of data Report: This paper presents an overview of the insights gleaned from a multi-country survey and series of expert interviews on how HHS providers have used data solutions and digital technologies to address the crisis and how these tools may permanently alter service delivery, moving forward.; and Harvard Business Review – Learning to work with intelligent machines (Matt Beane) - Companies are deploying AI and robotics in ways that disrupt traditional training techniques such as mentoring and on-the job learning (i.e. in hospitals). Organisations should carefully uncover and study shadow learning; adapt practices that develop organisational, technological, and work designs that enhance OJL; and make intelligent machines part of the solution.)