Virtual Launch: A post from Prerana Issar

1 February 21

It was my great pleasure to launch our ‘Big Conversation’ on the Future of NHS HR and OD on Monday (1 February). The programme is setting our sights on 2030: co-creating a vision for HR and OD, identifying all the things that are going incredibly well and setting out our change agenda for the future.

The 16,000 HR & OD leaders and colleagues across the NHS have been amazing in their response to the Covid-19 crisis and are continuing to rise to that challenge with commitment and passion – I am incredibly proud of them all.

The Big Conversation runs from January to April and I would like to invite all colleagues to get involved, to share views on our People practices in the NHS and identify where we need to focus our efforts in the future.

For the launch, I joined colleagues at Oxford University Hospitals, and I was inspired and energised by the team and their strongly held belief that we can only give the best service to our patients if our staff are properly supported.

I asked the team how we can build on what we have learned from working differently during the pandemic, and what we need to leave behind from the old ways of working. Many of the team talked about the flexibility, collaboration and responsiveness that HR & OD colleagues have shown over the past months. In terms of what not to do, there was a plea to streamline processes and reduce red tape to enable colleagues to spend more time improving the experience of our staff.

Of course, there was also a really strong acknowledgment that we need to maintain our focus on the health, wellbeing and safety of staff going forward and the importance of the inclusion for all of our people.

We all have much to learn and contribute, and I hope you will join me in shaping an inspirational vision for the NHS HR and OD of the future.

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